Anthony Rattler Cheaters

Anthony Rattler – California

This man is a manipulator, pathological liar, will change the state and city that he’s in on his dating site several times, a grifter-will try to get money from you and claim he’s broke with no job. He works for his cousin and friend in construction. He has many women on his phone that he screwing because he gave me an std, together for 9 months and the woman he was with for 8 years. He was married for about 20 years, two baby mamas and five kids. He doesn’t aknowledge all of the grown kids, the tattoo on his chest is the name of his first baby mama and her nickname. He had a house that was his baby mamas, not his. He received 30%. Has 3 cars and will claim it his brothers or sold them. He’s looking for a place to stay for free, food to eat and free p****. He has women in every state from California, Vegas, Oregon. Many in one states.