Anthony Holmes (Black) Colombia

Anthony Holmes (Black) – District of Columbia

Sorry 40 year old broke father of 7 children with 4 baby mamas and has a grandchild. Has no job, no licence or car, and works odd jobs for cash to avoid paying child support. He lives with his family sleeping in a twin bed. I felt sorry for him being used & lied to women in his past but it was the other way around in reality. I was fooled by his loving and caring act. He played me for everything I would give him for over a year even while I was pregnant with his baby. He regularly smokes PCP and drinks Ciroc daily. Don’t fall for it. Martina 202-355-7206 is the next after me but she was fine with his situation and starting with him while he was still staying over and lying about loving me. Hopefully no real woman with substance will fall for it like I did.