Anthony Fuerhoff Nebraska

Anthony Fuerhoff – Nebraska

He has never been faithful to anyone he has ever dated or been married to. He is a habitual liar. Pretty much a narcissist. He lies every single day about anything. He mooches off anyone he can grasp his claws into. He cheated on both of his ex wives while with them. He steals money from anyone he can. He takes advantage of people who are kind and generous. He also has a horrible meth addiction and when he cannot get anymore…watch out. He will take it out on whoever is nearby. He likes to beat on women. He rarely pays child support for his four children (with three women). He has no custody of any of them because he is basically a homeless drug addict. He has no ambition. No goals – except to do whatever he can to get drugs and alcohol. He will take advantage of anyone – even his own family. He has stolen from his parents, his siblings, his friends, his ex-spouses. He manipulates, lies and does what he can to sustain himself. If you see him on social media (he loves to frequent online dating sites) block him immediately. You are putting yourself up for a world of heartache if you get involved with this “man.” You will also lose out on any money you might have. Possibly end up as another baby mama.