Anthony E Taylor Colombia

Anthony E Taylor – District of Columbia

This man is a USER!! Hangs out around Adams Morgan in Washington DC but can also be found at the area reggae clubs!! Ladies beware he is married! I didn’t find out until it was too late, he started a relationship with me but would never sleep over at my house. He let me meet his son once while picking him up from school and looked so scared as he was dropping me back off. We go out on the weekend but never during the week and he always says he has an emergency call. he asked me to send him money in Jamaica and never paid me back. Then tried to switch it around saying it was a gift to him. He lies constantly and when he’s caught in it tries to somehow make it my fault that he did. I finally dug deeper and found out that he not only has a wife whom he lives with but also has several other girlfriends he uses to do him favors and get money from. Just want to warn the next woman who meets this scumbag because you will be used too. He’s very good at lying and will make you believe hat its you and him against the world when in fact it’s you, him and a host of other women including one named Andrea Koroma from Laurel who I found out later was NOT his wife, as she claimed to be. women of the DMV watch out!!