Anthony Deon Fizer Maryland

Anthony Deon Fizer – Maryland

Anthony Deon Fizer and I dated for months. Let’s just say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. He will always be a cheater/lier because of the pitiful woman he is married to, Aluana, who allows him to come and go knowing he is being with other women. She told me herself that Anthony had been cheating on her since they met. It’s all he knows. “How did I get so lucky? Why do you love me so? “Just promise you won’t leave me.” His favorite lines. He told me he was single, never been married, lived in an apartment with a male roommate, only had one child. All a lie. He actually lived 2 minutes from my home. He is from Shaw, Ms. Just moved to MD from Biloxi, Ms, went to Delta State, played basketball and his mothers name is Willie Mae Fizer. Woman beware of this man. He is smooth, but he always gets caught.