Antenise Jackson Ellis Texas

Antenise Jackson Ellis — Fort Worth, Texas

Her husband died in April 2013. She met her baby’s father a few months later. I believe his name Delmar or Delmar, and he is a barber in Dallas. She was married to my cousin for for 10-12 years and they never had kids together. She meets the barber after his death and I believe the husband and the barber were friends. She has sex with the barber and got pregnant in 2014 after running off to Colorado. The barber was engaged to another woman at the time and Antenise knew it! She was bragging about it and was saying that the fiancé was sick. She was bragging that she will take him away from her. She ihad the baby in 2015. She is still trying to be with barber. However, this woman works at GM Financial and was once employed at AT & T. She used to be a loving wife but has reduced herself to being a nasty ass broke hoe who lives with her mama in Fort Worth. She is always begging for money because the baby daddy is not giving her any money.. She planned the pregnancy as a way to trap the barber into trying to be with her and the baby. Antenise, having a baby doesn’t guarantee that he will leave and be with you. You are one lonely, bitter woman who is justifying trying to be apart of Your baby daddy life. You planned this pregnancy and you know it. You say you want a “Boaz”, but you are too busy being a Jezebel. You can’t move on and find true love and a man that will love you and your son because you are holding on to trying to get someone who is taken! You owe the fiancé an apology and until you do right, nothing good will come to you nor your son or that man! There are two victims in this mess who are being hurt: the fiancé and your son! You and the barber need to be ashamed of yourself!