Anothny (Tony) Hickok Pennsylvania

Anothny (Tony) Hickok – Pennsylvania

I dated a man named Anothny (Tony) Hickok for 3 yrs. We have no children together. I have 4 he raised them. I took my teenager on a college vist one day to come home to our house cleaned ou . He took my sleep number be . I bought my kids tv and a lot of my sons DVDs. He had told his mother he wanted to move out in September but 2 days after he said that my inherantece check came from my grandfather’s death. He stayed till he had spent all the money and then took a lot of the things I bought with that money. My kids and I lost our home he took my van. He left me all the bills. Then to find out I was pregnant. He has blocked me from everything never told me why he left and has told his family he wants nothing to do with the baby. I’m living with my friend trying to get back on my feet from losing everything. Come to find out he had been married 3 time . So safe to say its him that has the issues.