Annisa Christine Werner Indiana

Annisa Christine Werner — South Bend, Indiana

This two bit home wrecking whore has lived her entire life sleeping with other women’s men. And over half of them she’s known that they were currently in a relationship or married with young children. She is a severe alcholic and not to mention crazy ass bitch while under the influence so ive been told by several people first hand including my now x and kids dad. She knew my X was in a relationship with me at the time 13 years and 2 children. And still stalked his ass and chased him down. Dont get me wrong he is no angel, he knew right from wrong and i guess according to his x wife this isnt the first time he and this cum guzzling bitch have screwed around he cheated on her as well in the past while they were married. Ive been told this is all Annissa knows and will use a man up till he has nothing, that she is very manipulative and deceiving.

She goes after men who are currently off the market and owns their own business or has money put away. Hell she used her husband Keith Werner up and when she was done with him didnt even have the balls to tell him face to face before she was sleeping with my man. She and my now x are ment for each other and I promise her this she can have him and all the drama, lies and countless other woman he will cheat on her with. All the while destroying every ounce of self esteem she has left. He is really good at manipulation as well and will have her believing all his lies and making her feel as if she has gone crazy. He will eventually make it to where she has no friends and cant even go round her family.

Trust me he will become verbally, mentally, physically and emotionally abusive to the point she too will loose any reconciliation of who she once was. So yes she is a home wrecker but also my savior thanks bitch for getting me out of a life of pure hell i couldnt of done this without you trust me ive tried. You can have my left overs. Ive always been a firm believer do unto others as you wish done unto and in the end you will reap what you sow.. Guess the joke is on you..