ANNA XIAO – New York, New York

Meet Instagram supermodel Anna Xiao aka Fu Xiao, daughter of Chinese woman who committed immigration fraud to marry and obtain citizenship. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Anna Xiao claims to be a model, mathematician and owner of a swimsuit brand selling handmade swimsuits. The woman is a fraud.. Anyone familiar with TheDirty can scout a slore from looking at her and how she represents herself, she travels the world alone staying at five star hotels, her IG stories are half her half endorsing other fitness and IG models (women she sells pu$$y with), missing dad her mom is from China who came here to get married, and best part is with all the money and how international she is seen as she wears Tobi and all these $20 escort clothes pretending like they are Italian gowns and European high fashion, tries to look expensive and classy. Her website is that of an escorts, pay and subscribe to view, and her swimsuits are 100% not handmade and sourced from the shantytown she came from. And hell, she even copied a math problem from Google and posted it on her IG to show that she’s a mathematician… I am crying just writing that. I think she’s cute post OP but at 27 she should consider toning down her lies and stop pretending like she is engaged. Heres the story, she landed an older asian dad to buy her diamonds. He does not want to be seen on social media with her nor does he have one, he allows her to be “engaged” and endorsing fellow IG escorts in her IG story and posting nearly nude photos, sounds fishy! Freedom of expression? Na. Let her advance her career and be happy? Nah brah. And if you are reading this, loyal customers of Ms. Xiao, don’t just fly her first class get the bitch a manicure too. Someone also needs to get Ms. Xiao a whole new wardrobe I’m talking LV, Gucci, Versace since she is basic aF but also so she can stop posing in her $20 clothes and only pair of basic b1tch red bottoms she wears in every photo while jetting the world first class and snapping from five star bathtubs… and Ms. Xiao, take this advice and stop pretending to be this sophisticated and smart world class traveler with your still weirdly accented English and $20 outfits. Just be real, embrace where you came from and how poor you are and how much you’ve accomplished through being an IG escort! Bottom line is respect the proud escorts, and protest the liars mispositioning their cost and (net)worth. Chinese counterfeit inside n out like her is no Italian luxury good, get an authentic Chinese good if you want one fellas! Toodles now Nik and TD team!