Anna Theresa Dukes South Carolina

Anna Theresa Dukes — Easley, South Carolina

This “woman” Anna Theresa Dukes followed my man around and let him know that she didn’t care he was in a long term relationship. I knew pretty much straight off something was going on. He wasn’t himself. I finally said something about it because she kept telling people, including him, that she was in love with him but he had a girlfriend. Telling him she loved him and would talk about how they were getting married. Of course he said he never said he loved her or anything about moving in together or getting married. That she was crazy and all her… for 5-6 months. I told him I forgave him, not for him but for me. I even messaged her to say have him. She played like she was someone else. Changed from saying she was a 15 year old girl to a 15 year old boy. I played along. She was just scared and ignorant. Would tell her friend, who is with my boyfriend’s brother, to relay messages back and forth because her number was blocked. Trying to lie and guess “get him back”. He was even out of my house and had nothing to do with her. A 42 year old woman with 4 kids that she can’t take care of and said needed him so she could. Had the audacity to tell him she loved him and to kiss her step daughter for her every night. Spelled her name wrong even. Makes me nauseous. This isn’t even half of what she did, or her friend.