Anna Sanchez Cheaters

Anna Sanchez – Tucson, Arizona

Ana posed as my best friend while my husband and daughters father were trying to fight a dcs case, having been a dancer for 6yrs I’m typically able to smell out these disgraced to the female gender upon introduction however I was fooled by this one… She started hooking her illegal claws into my man while putting in all of her time and effort to fool everyone around us that she was my ‘new best friend’ I soon suspected they weren’t having these fake laundry lists of hold ups they claimed while out together, they were stabbing me in the back. I told myself there was absolutely no way… After all he knew I was cool with bringing a female into our bed to play… But not being lied to… Plus Mr white power wouldn’t cheat on me the woman he was in love with had a 1yr5month old with, whom paid every bill and funded everything they did, not to mention all of the vehicles he destroyed… No… That would be insane to leave me for this dumpy illegal alien whom lives with mom and dad whom don’t allow ‘boys’ over (she just sneaks over anyone no matter how sickening while the parents work to support her 27yr old @$$ and bends her DRD spreading rotten fish&rotten hamburger smelling @$$ over for only a 20 bag of black tar heroin, or methamphetamine)… A toothless disease dripping dealer in his 60s was going on and on about how rank it was and how he never expected that kangaroo pouch of stomach skin to hide beneath her disease infested shorts… He is extremely familiar with DRDs so he recognized that rank smell anywhere… DRDAnna “Lilly” /Sanchez… My man left at 9pm with her to run up to circle k and right back wearing boxers and that disrespectful lowlife returned at 3pm the following day to assure I missed our scheduled weekly visit with our baby he cancelled early with my phone they took… He was no longer wearing boxers upon his return… I dumped him and gave him a week to vacate my home… He tried to plead with me that he was just dogging her out for her car and non existent $ till my car was fixed… What winners the two. Well while I slept they stole my only available cash and my new 32 to sell for their demon, oh which he continued through my 3week to 3 month periods of sobriety of which I would relapse on since pregnancy… he couldn’t respect my request to at least keep it out of my sight and mind, hide it if he couldn’t actually quit from the devil heroin… She watched me get my head bounced off the pavement like a basketball by him as my punishment for her lying saying I confided in her that I have done every tom d1ck and harry we ever met while with him when in truth I was dumb enough to stay loyal… I still haven’t tried seeking out male comfort to this date. In the long run she is doing me a favor by being slick and greasy… He was a money pitt whom had no ambition or desire to grow up or ever help out financially or around my home with handiwork or chores… Never even cleaned his own laundry, dishes, or messes in general. Hope she enjoys being the brunt of a sick joke everyone is laughing at… The only thing that angers and saddens me is our baby lives and breathes to see, hear, play with and love… You guessed it, daddy… How he could just act like we never happened now blows me away he hasn’t tried to have anything to do with her for weeks even though he was the one whom desperately desired and insisted on trying to have a child…. She is my light and my life and he is the one whom is blind, I am watching his trip down the spiral all the way to rock bottom. Big Dee and Ana are the personification of pu55.