Anna Pambrun Cheaters

Anna Pambrun — Saskatoon, Canada

Lying Anna. She walks around pointing fingers at the wrong people and tries to get mad at people that have nothing to do with her because shes mad she ended up on here. Lol Shes known her “new fiance” for 4 months. Mind you her fiances name is Jordan and jordan morisette is her brother. Gross right? Shes fuking a dude with her brothers name. This chick lies so much she doesnt even know whats real anymore. She comments about being a valid Victorian at nutana highschool? Yeah sorry B1tch but where and when? Cause you aint even in the nutana grad photos let alone tryna front about being valid Victorian, she used the pathetic excuse of a family member dying to quit working at a&w and her excuse to quit sobeys was just as low. She DOES NOT WORK IN A LAW OFFICE, I REPEAT SHE DOES NOT WORK IN A LAW OFFICE. No one who works at a law office is posting statuses at 11:07pm saying “everyone come over avenue N south” like what ???‍♂️ She made up the law office she claimes to work at, we did our research and it doesnt even exist. She’s also NOT A MODEL. She literally left the finest guy, who had a job and everything to go be with that rat lookin guy man ?? this chick literally envies everyone shes so mad that she dropped outa highschool popped out two babies and watched all her fantasies wash away so instead she goes around playing victim and taking everyone for a fool pretty sure if you two had jobs yall wouldnt be asking for hand outs online, let alone feel so ashamed that you feel the need to lie about your entire life &&&&&& try and blame others for your crusty lives. Your both clinically insane man all you do is drink and do nothing with yourselves. And shes still on instagram posting gross pics man, clean up your room you two and try putting some sheets on that crusty matress of yours, saggy tits mcgee ??‍♂️