Anna Noori Cheaters

Anna Noori — Long Beach, California

When you fall of that pedestal someone foolishly put you on. The hope is that there is a person below truly sees you for who you are and is still willing to catch your lying and cheating ass. Gotta hand it to you juggling two men is a talent, to fake date man #1 and break up his family as a result to make man#2 jealous so he leaves is current situation is priceless! Right? You can have the GIANT prize for now becuase hes not man enough to apologize. Best believe the true winners are the two wives getting together LMAO this will be better then a Trump rally! When the wife of man #2 finds out how much money hes been giving you your S***t will be on a curb. Hoping you move in this way you BOTH will be monitored by each another 24/7 and harder to cheat.