Anna Joy Claussen Illinois

Anna Joy Claussen – Chicago, Illinois

Meet Anna Joy Claussen. She’s 24. A verrrry hard 24. This chick has been stalking and harassing one of my best friends for two and a half years over a dude. She had a fling with him and then got kicked to the curb when he got back together with mMove to Trashy friend. He didn’t take her seriously and never considered it an actual relationship. She’s been whining all over social media about missing him and how he was the “love of her life” since and once my friend was finally done with him for good she saved up all her money and flew halfway around the world to visit him (he’s moved to North Africa). How big of a loser do you have to be to spend your savings to visit a guy who wanted nothing to do with you for over two years and you know is using the same lines on you as every other girl? According to her she is a sex worker although I can’t imagine anyone wanting that even for free. She loves playing the victim in life and seems to have claimed to have practically every mental illness, though I don’t doubt she has quite a few. Someone pointed out she looks like Rosie O’donnell but I also think she looks like a middle aged crossdresser in need of a shower.