Ann Guill Illinois

Ann Guill — Niles, Illinois

My ex, spanning the course of 40 years, was married to 3 different woman with many “exclusive” relationships in between. During this 40 years, and many relationships, he carried on an affair with this serial home wrecker. The fat whore, while spending those same 40 years involved with the ex, had another long term affair with another married man and would tell my ex all of the intimate details during their weekly sexcapades.

I have many questions:

  1. Did you ever wonder why he never asked you to marry or live with him (even during his “free” years)? Did you ever wonder why he never took you to dinner or on a date and never once spent the night?
  2. Did you ever wonder how your actions affected the many children of these married men?
  3. How did you feel when you were invited, as a guest, to the homes of these men by their unsuspecting wives. Did you feel guilty when you were given a much needed job by the wife of one of these men, and did you know how hard she fought to get you raises over the objection of her bosses?
  4. Did you feel one bit of remorse when the wife tried yet again to get you hired after you had been out of work for some time?
  5. When you die, will you be leaving the world a better place or just filled with more pain?
  6. Would your mother be proud of you? Are you proud of you?

Well the good news is he is free again and you can have him. Since you are both old enough for the senior discount, I would suggest you grab him up before it’s too late for either of you.