Ankush Ahuja Cheaters

Ankush Ahuja – Australia

Ankush ahuja from the company Ahuja Foam karnal India came to australia to study n met sarah n w his professional sweet talk n promises for the future. sarah believe everything he said n they started a relationship. Then suddenly one day within a week he told sarah he is going bk to visit his family while sarah believed. Only for 3 wk but ankush rang n said his visa got cancelled ??? But he actually went bk bcoz his family has arrange his marriage within 3mths he was married. While he was thr he was still leading sarah on thzt he luv her not his wife he will come bk for sarah n divorce his wife. Sarah was stupid to believe n he asked her ro visit him in india n sarah did 3 times. Sarah spent nearly $7000 thinking he really luv her. But once his wife found out ankush breakofd w sarah on the spot ask her to fu k ogf he luv his wife instantly!!! Blocking her off viber n calls. His wife has also but very supportive for his wrong doing. Sarah met ankush before his wife 2yr8ths n his wife only married one year. Becoz he is from the middle class indian his wife just put up w it n forgive him. Darah k oe realise she has been fool from the start n demanding to hv the money reimburse whi h ankush say he will. Can anyway want help sarah??? Sarah know ankush ahuja work at ahuja foam karnal haryana india but no way to go thr alone now to comfront him. All sarah want know is ankush should at least give bk all the money sarah spend since his fathrr run a successful business in karnal. 2 shops!!! The point is he went out to seeet talk sarah use her n dispose her n go home clean like a noble india man w honour n wt abt poor sarah staying behind to pick up the broken pics.