Anita Cassandra Madria Gonzalez Cheaters

Anita Cassandra Madria Gonzalez – Los Angeles, California

After an absolutely horrendous 3 months, I feel it’s my duty to warn this circle of a dangerous new fish in our pond. Attention Seeming Homeless, Car-less, and Jobless with an insatiable appetite for drugs, she will cause unbelievable drama, drain all of eliminate and potential for progress, and completely drain all of your energy and resources. I met here through 2 mutual “pharmacist” friends, and she has an ungodly ability to consume benzos and painkillers, often intentionally mixing with alcohol. Pathological malicious liar with a previous criminal wrap sheet, banking on strongarming her way into your home, then near impossible to get ride of. Violent outbursts mixed with nearly every known personality disorder. Extremely promiscuous, which is her bait… then will accuse, lie, use, gaslight, provoke, and attempt to instigate a loud verbal / physical situation and will claim outrageous slanderous things in effort to blackmail you and even lie to police and play the victim card in efforts to put out fire with gasoline when she feels her leverage slipping. I’ve never been so enraged by a person and their disgusting classless behavior. Perhaps good option for a quick hook up, assuming you aren’t discouraged by UTIs, Yeast Infections, habitual unprotected sex, pregnancy claims / abortion $ scams. She sporadically milks the government for school grant $$, aside from that she’lol leech of any unsuspecting guy feeding into her massive insecurity / need for attention. I assure you this girl will takeover and ruin your life. She spends literally 23 hours a day neurotically obessessing on her own overwditied photos to post on IG. She’ll tell you whatever you need to hear but will NEVER keep her word, master stalker. Don’t ever let her in you home, will gladly break things, be loud, incredibly dramatic, and gladly throws furniture for attention, absolutely not worth it. Arguably the craziest girl, and lousiest human being I’ve ever run across. No shame or remorse, all bets are off with a druggie in survival mode. Run, don’t walk away from this seemingly no brainer deal. Iv dated some batshit crazy girls, but she hold a Wilt Chamberlain-esque stronghold on this title. Not all that glitters is gold.