Angie South Issac Ohio

Angie South Issac — Wilmington, Ohio

This homewrecker entered my marriage at the end of November 2016. My husbands former employers wife. Angie South Issac. She was also someone I considered a friend. Considering while she was sending my husband disgusting nudes of herself and all other parts via facebook messenger she was sending me messages asking how I was durning durning the Christmas holidays. Christmas is extremely hard for me since losing my adult son to addiction. And yes my husband was employed by her husband and the time. So this woman knew that I had not only lost my son but I also was the one who found him. Less than a year and a half before their affair began. Angie has three children. The two oldest are grown. One child under the age of 10 and she was willing to walk out and leave him behind. This trick didn’t have to balls to work on her own marriage, and had no problem in destroying mine. Oh and she is also a good God fearing woman and grandmother. From what I understand this was not her first affair with one of her husbands employers. So ladies if your husband does construction for a living and you live in the Waynesville, Ohio area you have been warned! Oh in case you were wondering yes I did forwarded every picture she sent My husband to hers. Lmao!!!