Angelika Babekov Florida

Angelika Babekov – Miami, Florida

Met these chicks at a party in Miami a few weeks back. Was in the city with my boys for the weekend and Justin brought in these chicks to keep it entertaining. If anyone’s partied with these chicks they know I ain’t lyin. The most boring time of my life. Just thought I’d share my review for the culture hahah.

Angelika Babekov Cheaters

Angelika Babekov – Toronto, Canada

this is Angelika Babekov, she Has been on here a few times. She is the biggest sloot in Toronto and everybodys knows it. She works bottle service at EFS but that’s where she meets all her clients if you have enough money she will go home with you. She has been dating Tyga the rapper recently he is known to date under age girls she will do anything to become famous. She’s hooked up with every club owner in Toronto and Miami. She buys fake louboutins and fake purses to try and show off she thinks she is better than everyone but in reality she is just a huge sloot. Her best friend Nikou stopped hanging out with her because she is bad news and sleeping with everyone she meets. Nikou is now working a legit job and making a career for herself. Angelika has been showning off new jewellery that Tyga bought her she is claiming it all on her social media how she got Tyga to Buy all this stuff and she thinks she is so famous. Tyga smarten up Angelika is a known floozy in Toronto and Miami she hooks up with every promoter for free bottles. Guys be aware she will steal from your house if you let her in. All her old friends don’t speak to her. She buys everything fake all her louboutins are fake and her Gucci bags and stuff to fit in. If you did sleep with her get tested for DRDs.