Angelica M. Ardila Connecticut

Angelica M. Ardila — Stamford, Connecticut

I recently got engaged in 01/01/2016 and few weeks later I find out my fiancée of 3 years was seeing this older woman ” a friend ” as she labeled her self. Words with friends it’s how they will communicate to send hidden messages to see each other on a town nearby n hanging out. She seemed so obsessed with him as she repeatedly text him asking for comfort after a failure relationship with s married man went wrong. She rebound with my fiancé a recent engaged man!!! She will persuade him to do many things abd finally ask him to leave me and try things with her as she said I was too young to understand a 38 year old man!!!( I’m only 12 years younger than my fiancé.) she gone out about me and did not care and she persisted in harassing us by calling our home a random hours and blasting his cell phone with pictures and sexy texts. Being so desperate and disgusting. i decided to break my engagement after all of this drama and move on with my life. I’m only 25 years old and have so much ahead of me. I hope this 40 year old woman gets what she well deserved in life which isn’t anything good.