Angela Grey Cheaters

Angela Grey – Edmonton, Canada

Where to start with this one she’s 40 years old goes around acting like she’s in her 20’s she trys to be a gangster but turned out “mama G’s ” a rat she causes all this drama then runs to the police like she’s all innocent she’s so immature and besides all the drugs she does she claims she’s a social worker for at risk youth yet alone she goes into after work after her weekend binge she does drugs around her children , she trys to sleep with her 19 year old daughters friends trying to still stay young but she all dried up watch out for this one don’t trust her she’ll make up stories and rat you out all were tryna fingered is keep Alberta RAT FREE !! It’s not always one sided it takes 2 “Mama G” your not innocent !!your not your daughter’s age give it up it for hobemma .. don’t ever mess with my man b1tch or a country girl will fuk you up