Angela Chasis Cheaters

Angela Chasis — Saskatoon, Canada

This homewrecking slore cant just leave my man alone already and get over him . K so my man and this chick (if you can call her that shes more of a ogre then a chick , shes like over 6 ft and must be close to 300lbs now ) usta date until he got tired of her stealing from him and not pulling her own weight ( must be hard with all that weight to pull )plus I guess it was like fuking a dead fish she was so lazy so your bound to get tired of that after a bit . So he left her nasty a55 but she couldn’t take that as a answer and things got increasingly worse when she found out we were together she texts and calls him repeatedly some days she’ll text well over 50 messages and call dozens of times when he didnt wanna answer or be around her she befriended his bestfriend just so she could have a excuse to be around him . That’s until his bestfriends woman found out she was getting with him on the side to now she cant be around him so shes back to the harassing shell drive past our house just hoping to see him when she has time not being a “floozy” . Want a happy ending everything included for 90$ shes your girl but in her own words “barebacks gonna cost you more ” so what like $100? Fukin nasty she should just leave us alone already before she makes things worse for herself . She threatened to cut my mans d1ck off and sew it to her pillow can you get any crazier then that wow