Angela Abney Madison Florida

Angela Abney Madison — Port Charlotte, Florida

Angela has been involved with my husband for a number of years. My husband and I have been together for over 20 years. She couldn’t stay married because she is such a pyscho bitch. Her husband divorced her and had a new girlfriend that Angela got so mad over that she was arrested for going after him with a knife and stalking. She harassed his girlfriend so much that she committed suicide. Angela thought it was hilarious. My husband was unaware of a lot of her history. Believe me I filled him in. She is having a really good year…. Dui ( blew a .24) and ran from the scene three different times which resulted in 3 separate charges. Well she didn’t know when to stop drinking so of course she was smart enough to drive. LOL January 2015 she hit and killed a guy (her neighbor) while driving home from a bar (of course she worked there). She had luck at that time because no charges were filed. She is still being investigated. She can be classified as a whore because she convinces men to give her money since she can’t keep a job and yes my husband fell for it. She became friends with him under the ruse that she didn’t know how to handle being single and needed advise. Then when my husband and I were having problems, as most relationships will she saw a way in and took the “friendship” to the next level, not caring that he was still married. If she was a decent person she would have told him to go home and work things out but we know she is not that kind of person. So now we are on this web site. My husband is not innocent in this. I realize that but we are trying to work it out and seeing a counselor. He is very grateful that I didn’t kick him out. I hope this reaches other women and men in this town so that they can be aware that she has no morals and will go after any man that will take care of her and help her. Somebody is taking care of her since she has no money but can afford a lawyer for her legal problems , lives in a 1200 per month apartment and can be found most nights drinking it up at the local bars. Beware!!!!! She’s looking for someone new!!!!