Angel Hinkle Pennsylvania

Angel Hinkle — Hanover, Pennsylvania

Angel Hinkle is a heartless, soulless, moralless, lying home wrecking whore. This junkie bitch has slept with a lot of guys who are married, engaged, and in relationships… she is cheating on her husband, Mike. She also went after my friends husband and stalked him for months and tried to threaten my friend, and she also tried to hook up with my man, too. Currently, she is stalking 3 guys-one who is engaged. She is easy and will sleep with anybody and she likes trying to break up marriages and relationships. She has put her husband through so much pain, yet he is not smart enough to leave her. She also has been in jail, psych wards, and rehab on and off for the past 10 years, she can’t see her kids anymore because she is just dangerous, and she is addicted to crack, Adderall, spice, weed, and heroin. She also believes she has super powers and can talk to spirits. She is 37 and looks 50. If you see her…. RUN the other way fast!!! She is nothing but trouble. By the way, this picture of her on here is her mugshot with Adams County Most Wanted(PA). She is from Hanover, and also hangs out in Gettysburg and Lancaster alot.