Angel Harley Tennessee

Angel Harley — Shelbyville, Tennessee

This girl is angel harley, and the man is Chris burt. The girl was my friend of 2 years and the man is the man I was with for 3 years. I loved him more than you could imagine and my kids adored him beyond anything. Well a year ago at this time I had found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child. Mine and Chris”s child a beautiful little girl. Well in my pregnancy I had discovered that my child would nit survive after birth it was 50/50 chance. Well the baby was born her name is ally rae. She was taken straight to the nicu after being saves in delivery room. Her dad was by my side, about 3 weeks after she was born he started a nasty argument at the hospital and left me and the baby there. He come back 2 weeks later with a hickey on his neck, while he had been gone our baby girl took a turn for the worst. I asked him where the hickey came from and he responded with angel harley, I couldn’t believe it, someone I thought was my best friend would do this to me and my dying child. I was hurt. Well he swore that he was done with her. Well 3 weeks after he came back to the hospital little ally died, angel found out through some friends and immediately contacted him. Not even a week after our daughters funeral he randomly up and left me and my children said he’d be back. Well he never came back, he moved in with angel. It’s been 2 and a half months now. Me and my kids are still devastated. She’s not just a home wrecker she’s a nightmare.