Aneilia Ramtahal Trinidad Tobago

Aneilia Ramtahal – Trinidad and Tobago

This s*** started working at tstt with zaeem about a year ago. It started of with her just asking for work favours and noelse.. things but then she started moving in on him, they would sneek away during work hours or hide in the back of the building or in the store room. She knows he’s married and has children but she doesn’t care about them at all. She is just seeing what she’s getting and his wife has to suffer and go along with it because she has no choice. He loves his children but is too foolish because he could lose them and this s*** is just looking for a good time and nothing else. She should get married and her husband should have sex with girls half their age and see how she feels. Karma is a b****. I’m surprised that they’re still working together after all she slept with ken to get this job and he won’t like to here about this.