Andy Tamez Cheaters

Andy Tamez – California

Smooth talking texter…This guy uses free Net sites to troll for girls in other countries, promising to ‘help’ them in some meaningful way. He offers up his “comfortable massaging bed” for him (allegedly) sleeping on his sofa, all for a chance to come to San Diego and to stay for ‘free”. He’ll promise you the moon: help, advice, free rides, free stay, his mother’s tamales. All he really wants is b.j.s, SEX, and to be seen with a pretty girl with him in public. He will ignore you at home and watch spots, he is constantly texting other girls, and once he gets what he wants, he is rude and dismissive. Imagine being 9,000 miles from home stuck with a stupid pig who cares nothing about you, other than what he can scam off you in the way of your body?! He doesn’t even feel bad for running this scam with vulnerable girls (some of whom are barely legal in the U.S.), and I personally know girls in 5 other European countries Andy has contacted regarding the same ‘help you scam”. While I stayed with him, I saw him texting about 10 other girls at the same time, so I know he is covering his bases. He is cheap, so he uses free Apps to lure girls into his web, rather than to actually have to date them and be a man! If you want a gross, middle aged pig, ladies, this is what you get!