Andy Castles from Arnold United Kingdom

Andy Castles from Arnold – United Kingdom

I am a gay guy from West Bridgford Nottingham, I posted an advert on Facebook for a galaxy s4 and was contacted by Andy Castles who wanted to buy it, he seemed genuine and wanted to meet, we met and he was very friendly, we talked and got onand although didn’t eant the phone we began seeing each other once a week, he said he was single and had to keep his sexualiry quiet as people did not know he was in to guys so I shouldn’t tell anyone, I understood and we kept ot quoet for 6 months, a friend advised me he sold a phone and was asked ro meet by Andy and then Andy saod he wasn’t seeing anyone and asked him to see him, my mate didn’t realise I was seeing Andy already, we talked and worked out he kept things quiet because he was doing this regularly, we asked a friend of ours to advertise a phone on facebook and Andy again showed interest and asked to meet him, he came on to our mate and again said he was not seeing anyone, I asked him about this and he denied it all saying it was lies to stich him up, obviously I stopped seeing him as he has found dealing phones on favebook as a way to meet guys, he also insists on unprotected sex which I nee regret, watch out he is a player and to be avoided.