Andrinette Nea Texas

Andrinette Nea — San Antonio, Texas

Their is no gossip. No slander but to put a picture of an older woman who slept with my boyfriend who’s 28. After I confronted her all she had to say was she did not have to explain herself to me. Lol her text message was matured unlike the text messages she was sending him. Now I’m not going to defend him or talk about him because that’s no ones business. Thats my problem. But you portrait to be such an innocent woman of church and loves child and all this…but she’s straight up a ho* I have no respect for you lady. You knew what you we’re getting yourself in. And I don’t appreciate you calling my phone at all hours because his phone is under my name. You’re a hoodrat from 90’s who never peeked. This may look like a rant but I don’t care…this is my payback.