Andrija Bloom Cheaters

Andrija Bloom – California

Andrija Bloom is a serial cheater and married mother of two. She has been meeting and having unprotected sex with mostly married men on Craigslist, FetLife and Ashley Madison, among others, for over 10 years. She prefers long-term affairs with these married men and carries this all in under the nose of her husband, with whom she runs a Wedding Photography business called Enchanted Portraiture. The irony! There are hundreds of her naked photos, sexts, emails and even homemade porn videos out there. If you catch your partner cheating with her, let us know in the comments. There are many of us and we can compare info. You can find another wife who outed her in May of 2018 here: “Andrija Bloom f***** my husband. She claims to be a photographer. They did not uae condoms. Her husband is Curtis Bloom, a wedding photographer. She pays to have sex at the Aecadia race track motel 6, Hilton Pasadena, Hi-Way Host Motel and others. She is an unhappily married mom of two. A grown up and a boy and a girl.”