Andrew Schultheis Illinois

Andrew Schultheis – Illinois

Andrew “Andy Schultheis,” from Rockford, IL., is a serial cheater. Andrew is a nurse at OSF Saint Anthony’s also in Rockford, Il and is married to a Hatian woman who is a doctor at OSF. Andy preys on unsuspecting married women with children the same age as his own. Mr. Schultheis is 42 years old and his wife recently gave birth to their third child, and while his wife works 60+ hours a week and takes care of their new baby, Andy attempts to meet mothers through the school activities of his other two children who are in grade school. Andy Schultheis, 42 of Rockford, Il., nurse at OSF Saint Anthony’s has been known to get aggressive and pushy with these mothers when they turn down his sophomoric and slightly desperate attempts to gain self affirmation through stolen affection. Mr. Schultheis has been caught numerous times sending overtly sexual text messages to women he believes are attracted to him claiming that he is in an abusive marriage and that his wife refuses to go to counseling, both of these sorry pleadings are false. Soccer moms, if you see Andrew Schultheis uninvited at your child’s next birthday party, do not hesitate to ask him to leave. Husbands, if you see texts in your wife’s cell phone from 815-519-6616 and perhaps under the name “Anna” drive over to 4584 Braewild Rockford Il and met Andy know how you feel about his attempted adultery. Thank you. His email is