Andrew Rebgetz Cheaters

Andrew Rebgetz – Australia

If you have been unfortunate enough to cross paths with this monster in the dating world, I hope you find your way to this page. I have healed from my wounds but I believe women should be warned before getting into any sort of relationship with this person, not matter how casual.

I’m talking about Andrew Rebgetz who currently lives in Brisbane. When we met he was National Commercial Sales Manager for Super Amart/Amart Furniture. He’s in his mid 40s and can be very charming and fun. Beware though ladies, underneath it all he’s a liar, cheater (he’s cheated on at least 2 partners) and abuser, with a list of women a mile long (I could name a few but not here, contact me if you need). I think we could all save ourselves the pain by steering clear of him. Everything out of his mouth is a lie.