Andrew J. Stephens New York

Andrew J. Stephens – New York

Andrew J. Stephens born June 1962 Watertown, New York, Jefferson County. Aka Andy or Drew. This guy is a very serious serial cheater (Sex Addict). He will Rip your heart out as many times as you allow him to. He will charm you until he gets sex from you. He cannot function without the thrill of hurting women in everyway possible. He will use you for as long as possible and then leave you for his next victim. He will never change. He has been a very serious alcholic and drug addict for most of his life. The only thing he is loyal to is his local bar where he spends every cent of his income on buying booze and gambling. The baddest thing about this guy is that he is a very mentally unstable person who could snap in seconds and kill you without notice. He has an extremely violent temper. He will choke you and beat you in everyway possible (punching and chocking is lethal). He will deny beating you. He feels no remorse. He will tell you several lies to charm you. He will even propose to you multiple times just to play you so he can hook you into falling in love with him. He has to get a lady to fall in love with him to prove to himself that he is the greatest. Trust me he doesn’t have anything to offer anyone except pure evil, grief and very serious heartbreak. He will no doubt destroy your life. You will not know how bad he really was until he leaves you for his next victIm. He has been arrested for domestic violence and criminal mischief. He will never get any help for any of his many issues. Do not waste any time with this guy trust me he will hurt you very badly. He has multiple sex partners at all times because it is the only way he can thrive. He suffers with very low self-esteem. He will use you for sex, money and anything that will benefit him. He does not the ability to communicate regarding life or the future. He tallks about death everyday. He is an attention seeker, always needing to be the center of all the drama he is wants. He will control your mind. He will stop being seen in public with you because he doesn’t want his other sex slaves to know he is cheating on them too. He left his ex- wife and children because he is no good. He will verbally, emotionally and physically bring your world down violently. He loves to start arguements that get very out of control. The police have been called multiple times to different places wherever his victims are. And he never uses protection during sex. He will give you VD and never care. Beware ladies he is a total nightmare. He will hurt you. He has a very long track record of hurting everyone he can especially women. He is very sick and needs very serious help and meds. Do not even think you will be the one to change him. He will never change there are plenty of us out here who hoped we could because we really thought he was a good guy. He is totally the opposite of what he pretends to be.