Andrew Green Cheaters

Andrew Green – California

When I first met Andrew in 2018, he claimed to be divorced (first lie), pretended to go to Church (lie), and said he didn’t drink alcohol very often (huge lie). He also told me that he hadn’t been with anyone since his wife, but he was sleeping with 3 other women at the time (I had no idea). First there was Allison Stehle (Andrew’s family thought she was pathetic and desperate) whom Andrew claimed was just a girl he took pity on because she had no friends. Then there was Katie Skullr from Havasu (whom I had no clue about until I saw fb messages between the two. He also emailed her a photo of his p**** when I was pregnant. Anyway, so this cheater/liar told me he loved me and I met his 2 kids and we had an awesome time “playing family” until he slept with a mutual friend, Dana Starr, behind my back. He was so drunk and vulgarly describing how slutty she was – it made me so sick to know I was pregnant by him. He’s still sleeping around and getting wasted all the time instead of being a dad to his son. He’s also still married and obsessed with trying to get his wife to love him. She obviously was the smart one in the marriage and left because she was tired of his drinking and abuse. People watch out for this manipulator!! He is a nut job. He would txt me about committing suicide when I told him I was done with him. He only wants to get women in bed and get drunk and he’s 38 and has 3 kids!!! grow up dude. get some morals.