Andrew Goldtooth Begaye Cheaters

Andrew Goldtooth Begaye – Arizona

This man seemed very nice, attentive, care taker, but when he gets tire of the woman he is with, he finds another woman, while he is in a relationship.  We exchange vows infront of God, what he said he never wanted to get married that way, and also said, “F*** GOD!!!” WHO SAYS THAT???  After my parents death I felt into depression. Instead of helping me he left me alone. He had already experienced depression.  He said I let him go and didn’t care for him, he felt alone. He said he looked somewhere else with an ex girlfriend of his. He had sex with her, Ledeanna Begay, in the Durango my son paid. That is so disgusting. Now, she has a baby, a son, he says is not his. He also said it took once to impregnate her, ewww!