Andrew Eisner Cheaters

Andrew Eisner – Sacramento, California

This is Andrew (Andy) Eisnerage 35, as well as a Special Ed educator. He is a killer that takes advantage of more youthful ladies as well as ladies. I’ve very first experienced him years earlier. I was 17 as well as exactly on my 18th birthday celebration, he messaged me, (him being 26 at the time), feeding me some bs regarding remaining in an “special partnership”. He simply desired sex, not a partnership, as well as he lastly encouraged me, as well as we attached. He soon quit speaking with me after. After that he attempted to talk to my close friend however she obstructed him from messaging her and also informed me that he attempted to likewise message her 17 years of age sibling. He never ever also informed me he was bi sex-related, his account states he had an interest in females. He takes advantage of girls as well as adjust them right into making love with him. He was 26 at the,7 years have previous, as well as he messaged me via this brand-new dating website, with the exact same bs. I believed he had actually an altered besides of these years, however he’s the exact same killer that he was at that time, as well as that understands the amount of women/children he has actually currently done this to. His account mentioned that he’s 28 years of ages, there’s no other way he’s 28, he’s in fact 35, transforming 36 this year. I intend to advise all females and also potentially guys concerning this weird killer, Andy Eisner.