Andrea Westaway Cheaters

Andrea Westaway — Ottawa, Canada

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to this uglya55 horse face lookin Caldwell dirtbag. To say she has daddy issues would be a understatement. She was disowned by her biological parents for reasons unknown according to her. But the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her mom should have known that if she slept with her cousin, their kids would be born just like Andrea ….. polluted ovaries run in the family. Her foster parents didn’t waste to much time on her either. They disowned her real quick when they found out she was suckin on their sons d1ck when they weren’t home. No love like sibling love huh!??! Clearly she’s following in the classy steps of her parents. When she was kicked out for dating her brother, she became Caldwell’s cop caller. And you would think living in Caldwell, she’d be in her element RIGHT?! WRONG! The crackheads can’t even stand her a55. And her and Chevy are trying to have a baby!!! Someone tell this girl a baby needs food, not speed! If she can’t take care of her poor dog, how can she take care of a kid. And she swears she’s soooooo sick…. DUHHHHHH. That’s what happens when you don’t get proper treatment for DRD baby girl. For 2 losers that never leave their bedbug infested apartment, they sure do cause a lot of drama. They look like they’ve been smoking crack under a bridge for 5 days…..Andrea skinny as fuk, her teeth pop out of her head, and Chevy wobbling along beside her. Little Justin Bieber wanna be! You can always find the, out front of their building skimming the ground for cigarette butts. Someone give this girl a donation of $3.50 for the bus, she needs to be assessed at the R.O….ASAP. If she’d stop spending her whole welfare check on dope, she might have 5 cents to rub together. I think it’s safe to say these 2 loons are made for each other.