Andrea Urrutia Cheaters

Andrea Urrutia — Whittier, California

Wives beware!!!! If your husband likes to attend his H.S. reunions, and he went to El Rancho, then you should be warned of a predator called Andrea Urrutia. She claims she’s a born again Christian, a victim of a cheating spouse herself, but has no problem being a side bitch to a known married man. First she’ll sleep with your husbands best friend, and when she’s dropped just as fast as her legs opened, she goes after your man. She’ll also go out with you and your husband in a group socially and compliment you and how awesome a couple you and him make. All the while conniving on how she’s going to get as much out of the sorry sap as she can. She’ll even ask for money for her daughters dance classes and had no shame in the obvious quid pro quo arrangement. So just remember that this smiling, educated, well mannered woman is really a wolve in sheeps clothing. She’s the bitch in the back AND the ho in the front and she’s gonna keep pimping. Just remember Andrea, “life has a funny way of making you deal with what you make others go through”.