Andrea Poe Missouri

Andrea Poe — Missouri

You all may remember her from Colorado Springs Help Wanted groups on Facebook. Her and her husband Mike always getting kicked out for mooching people and never paying people back well SURPRISE she’s in St. Louis now mooching like never before from her section 8 apartment in Breckenridge Hills. She’s such a screw up she has to post her own daughter and 7 year old granddaughter in nasty posts on thedirty for revenge. She is jealous that she can’t live a normal life without a55kissing old family members who talked sh1t about her so she used her daughter, her family and her own father for rides, to buy her 11 year old daughter Halloween costumes and food because they couldn’t afford it for their own child. She’s a sloppy pig. Who posts hateful things anonymously about a 7 year old? Oh wait Andrea does. And, PS YOU DIDN’T buy any mini wheats your FOOD STAMPS aka tax payers did…hold up- that means something else your dad and daughters fiance paid for. She was at the Salvation Army Family Haven for months and CPS got called for her daughter’s nappy hair. She stole items from her 2 year old granddaughter to give to a 2 year old there. She put donations her daughter sent on OfferUp and Let go and even went as low as to steal 4 cans of her grandsons formula. Busted on camera! Yet when asked she played the fool. She gossips nonstop. Her and Kirsten tell everyone how Shaunice there had an abortion..whose business is that? Her own best friend STACY…she tells people her daughter Rachel can’t keep her legs shut, she can’t control her own daughter so she runs away and ends up with pregnancy scares or locked in the psych ward. She says Stacy is shacked up with some man old enough to be her dad. She gets rides from a woman named Sharon but her and her husband spent months talking horribly about them too. How about how Shaunice beat her kids? Yeahh..that too. Her roommate from Colorado who LET THEM STAY in her apartment…yeah they caused her to lose everything. Then attempted to make her life hell from their shelter because she kicked them to the curb. Their other friend they got mad at because he mentioned Mike walking around in his underwear with his child or letting his child watch porn. These people are nasty. Talk shit about her daughter Megan all you want the family and others who’ve been witnesses or seen her on Colo Springs Help Wanted have all the proof we need. Get a life Andrea quit mooching other.