Andrea Jb Cheaters

Andrea Jb — Kamloops, Canada

So this is andrea… the town pump and most pitaful person I’ve ever come across. This woman not only has an alcohol problem, but she also has a big problem keeping her legs closed. She even bragged about sleeping with married men and thought it was funny that one couple broke up. But yet the minute she feel ” attacked” she burst into tears and plays victim she dishes all this sh*t and yet she can’t even grow the balls to face it. I’m one of the many women who’s shoes personally f*cked over. Hey legs are wiiidddeee open she littery can’t say no she’s got absolutely no respect for her self or those around her be very aware, hide your boyfriends hide your husband cause this sloppy hoe will f*ck em… but hey your looking for en easy lay here she is