Andrea Eppinger Pennsylvania

Andrea Eppinger — Murrysville, Pennsylvania

Andrea goes by many names…Andrea Eppinger or Andrea Madison…either way same person. Started 2 years ago while in classes with my husband. He stated she was a friend. Until 1000s of texts a month were found.these messages showed she only texted him while he was at work away from his wife. She started admitting she liked the other teacher that was married with kids, and was screwing him. But when vacations together ended with his wife in the next room she would text my husband. Letting him know secrets such as she was swinger. She was told to leave him alone and since has supposedly moved on to her boss. The world needs to know she is dirty and goes for married men only. Even receiving jewelry from a married man. This shows me he is no better, and my opinion rather spend time and money on a mistress then his own wife and children. Further more it is not swinging if the wife does not agree to the terms…it’s called being a mistress and the man is a cheater. I want to let PA woman know to be on the look out!