Andrea Badger Kansas

Andrea Badger — Garden City, Kansas

This whore decided after 2 weeks of working with my husband to give him a blow job. She and her boyfriend hung out with my soon to be ex husband and me for awhile but I stopped it because something didn’t seem right.. lol.. I guess I was right. My ex use to take our kids to work with him on Saturday’s and actually told them to be nice to her, they even knew something was not right between their dad and her. My ex said she was a sweet girl who just wanted a friend because her boyfriend and her were having problems. Their little suck and f*ck fest went on for a year.

My ex is not the only coworker she played with and I’m sure won’t be the last. Kinda funny how her new boyfriend looks like my ex..just uglier..I’m glad they had their little love affair and I found out or else I might of wasted 20 more years on someone who didn’t deserve my love or faithfulness.

Other ladies please don’t believe the bullshit ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m sorry I would take it back if I could’. If a man cheats he never loved you or respected you. Cheating is a choice not a mistake!! Glad I got 2 whores out of my life ?