Andre D Edwards Spokane

Andre D Edwards, Spokane – Washington

Does NOT HAVE JOB /money/ if ever employed, once support finds out he quit/ will gravate towards women younger and qith little kids, dogs, pits especially, will worm his way in thru that/ makes himself out to be a single guy on his own/ has dv record in both spokane and cleveland/ GREAT in bed will not lie,but he cant be loyal for long/may blame the woman he was with as reason he meeting you/ will use you for everything he can get from you/ cigarette or chew $/ weed money/ beer money/ nba shoes $/ stole my truck and hiding out in north spokane on n martin street/ 10 years with him and longest he didnt cheat was 9 months/ walked away and denied his son…real piece of work. Latest trailer trash Michelle Jessee who his oldest kids age, she left her kid for this broke a** scrub..smh…