Andre Bridgnell Cheaters

Andre Bridgnell – Canada

Andre Bridgnell is more than just a cheater. He’s narcissistic through and through. He not only cheats constantly by pursuing random women on Facebook he also as films and takes pictures of random women without their consent. It’s sick. He admits he likes to play with women and see how he can take the “game” whether or not they will meet up with him. He’s also controlling and abusive. The longer you are in a relationship with him the more controlling he is. Being in a relationship with him is a journey to hell. Everything has to be about him. He’s is a serious a****** with no regard for anyone else . He will even try to pick up women while you are with him. The the scariest aspect about him is the numerous pictures of random women. He’s so perverted he goes out to chapter or Starbucks and just takes pictures of women’s backsides. He’s also will film you.