Analuz Mellomeda United Kingdom

Analuz Mellomeda – United Kingdom

My wife who is from the Philippines, Analuz Mellomeda began acting strangley, being very awkward with me , not speaking , not wanting sex, not wanting to be in the house with me for very long. obviousley i knew something was wrong. So one night i followed her and got the shock of my life as she met a fat Filipina and started kissing her mouth to mouth for a long time. She saw me and they run off. the next day after returning from work i saw that she had taken all her personal belongings and a substancial ammount of my belongings to. I found out that the woman she was now having a lesbian affair with was a nurse called Thea Castillo a nurse from Manchester England. about a year after this i saw her on the street, she told me that she had never loved me and she had only married me to get a residence visa to live in England, and that she had always been Lesbian. They are now both quite fat, i realy did not care after a while, i got on with my life. unfortunatley for me , and i dont know why my wife was harbouring a hate for me that made my life a living hell which i will go into in my next post.