Ana Quintanilla Cheaters

Ana Quintanilla – California

My girl has me so twisted, confused and tormented. She acts very loving and affectionate, but there are times she cold and standoffish. I love her so much, I’ll do anything to be with her and she knows it. I’m very confused. I thought we had this incredible connection because we share the same interests. I was planning to marry her because I feel like she’s the one.Recently, a friend of hers has been stalking me. She says she doesn’t know anything about it, but he’s insisting he’s her ex and is going to get her back. He says she’s a hoe and loves to sleep around, loves sex, like anal sex, but she won’t do any of those things with me. He claims she’s just using me for money and she’s a playa. He said she and her cousin set me up to fall for her because I was doing really well and moving up, but now that she knows I’m not rich, she was going to dump me and return to him. She’s acting strange lately and defensive. This dude started texting me after we made it official and made love. He says they always in touch, but she denies it. I’m very confused and don’t know who to believe. Part of me wants to believe her, but all this crazy s*** started to happen to me after we became serious. We officially got together in December. I’ve never had this type of craziness happen to me before and don’t know what to believe? She’s sweet and very nice, but I can’t help but wonder if she’s lying. She loves chillin with my boyz and smokez out with us. Yesterday, my family found these crazy posts on Instagram. She denies it so they think someone hacked into her instagram account, yet it’s coming from her account.