Amy Sue Campbell Cheaters

Amy Sue Campbell — Clovis, California

Shortly after the death of my son this woman Amy Sue Campbell seduced my husband. She asked him for help with household things because her husband worked out of town. They were coworkers who had private meetings. He told me that she was aggressive and actually gave him a BJ at her house after one of their work meetings. She has harassed me and made fake accounts to stalk my family and friends. She continues to post to her fake accounts and tries to get her friends to spy on me. She tried to get a restraining order against me and the judge denied her and basically told her that she better not see her in the court again. Saying all of this about her doesn’t take the spot light off of him cause he is to blame just as much. They are both home wreckers. Her husband left her although they are still married. I am now going through a divorce…