Amy Schlegel Cheaters

Amy Schlegel — Sarnia, Canada

Amy is selfish and self absorbed. She has no self respect or any respect for anyone else. Showing off her tit rings are her number 1 goal in life. Cheats on her boyfriend everytime she goes to the bars, (stripclubs) bringing home randoms for attention and, free alc/snow. This b1tch is a waste of space and should be outed for the cheating sl0re she is. Still even hangs out with the guy who has naked pics of her getting banged on his phone that have been shown around and laughed at, what kinda b1tch… Ps. Her ‘friend’ pictured with her is a cheater too. Weekend hoeing and cheating together is the glue to this friendship. #ambertatiana wouldn’t even know this girl is a mom btw, blows my mind