Amy McBride Illinois

Amy McBride — Morris, Illinois

Beware ladies! Toothless, pill popping whore out On the loose!!! This chick came into me and my kids lives when I moved away for school and left my bf at home. She heard from her friend that his gf was away so she thought it would be convenient to try to pursue him. From day one she knew about me and our children and had no remorse. She has been seen around town bragging about how she is going to break our family apart!!! She began to be his “side hoe” in 2009 and continued to only see him for sex and in return she said all she wanted was to be taken to dinner here and there. When I was made aware of what was happening behind my back I was shocked! First of all, what man would sleep with a women with terrible dentures and is known for sleeping around to get what she wants. She contacted me and told me she would go away. She did for 5 years, but this year her house had to basically be bulldozed because she is so nasty. Neighbors have said her house has a garbage smell that radiates through the entire neighborhood. She had to find somewhere to go and she knew she had to think fast. She moved in with my bf, father of my daughter, behind my back. I had no clue what was goi g on until May 23 when he called me to tell me he bought a house and that I should go check it out. I went to the address to find the whore and her ghetto 19 year old daughter. When I walked in I was beaten up right in front of my daughter. Amy has said it gave her pleasure knowing my 8 year old saw her mom get get ass beat. Now it’s 6 months later and he can’t get her out. She says she is moving, but she won’t go. She still begs him to have sex with her in exchange for a place to live, but he has seen what he had vs what is living with him. Women: if u live in Illinois lock your men up. Amy preys on weak men or men that are having problems in their relationships because no normal sane man would want a toothless prescription pill popping junky.