Amy Burek Dudek Michigan

Amy Burek Dudek — Lincoln Park, Michigan

My husband and I of 11+years we’re going through our “rough patch” people would call. However, past that he had got a decent job to help take care of our growing family, little did I know there was more going on at work than I had anticipated. This wanna be home wrecker Amy Burek Dudek from Lincoln Park had been having a work affair with my husband knowing he was MARRIED. This woman knew he was involved in a monogamous marriage, but still proceeded to sleep with my husband regardless of us having 2 stepchildren and one small child together. You would think a mother that she is would have some self respect for herself, not this wrinkly c***. The moral of the story is ladies, no matter how hard she tried, I always had the upper hand. My husband came running back after he milked her of her expenses, fell for his lies, paid the way, fixed his truck and bought him almost anything. He then left her old ass high and dry and came back home. Needles to say neither of them are employed at the company anymore. Karma is that bi**h!